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Here's How We Got Started...

Lowcountry Health Solutions is a business run by the people for the people. It was started by yours truly, Colin Marshall and Yesica Castrejon. With both being hard-working individuals since we were young enough to find work, and after years of working 60 to 80-hour weeks, our lifestyle eventually caught up to us and that's when we turned to CBD.

We developed trouble sleeping after all of our late-night jobs. We had aches and pains from sports-related back and knee injuries. We were working 70 hours a week- needless to say, we were stressed.


That’s when we found CBD. Skeptical as always, we decided to be open-minded and purchase our first jar of CBD gummies from a small smoke shop. I was personally amazed when my back pain all but disappeared during the day and I fell asleep within 15 minutes of hopping in bed (I was used to it taking an hour or more sometimes).


Somewhere along the way, we realized that a lot of the smoke shops and even the online stores were completely ripping people off. They were selling untested products for twice the price that they should be.


Then came the lightbulb… we should start our own business selling this stuff!

After a month of hard work to gain the approval of our local mall and obtaining the licenses, we opened on Labor Day in 2018.


Since then, we’ve been selling high-quality products at an affordable price to people just like us- Hardworking individuals who are looking for an all-natural, 100% legal alternative to alleviate their pain, help them stress less, and sleep better.


      So What Are You Waiting For? We Have Just What You Need for Great Health!

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